Who We Serve

Most wealth management firms on who they work with: “We serve individuals, families & businesses with $1 million in investable assets.” 

Translation: The money is the foundation of the relationship with your advisor.

Open Door was built with a different purpose, and for clients with a different focus.

Above all else, our clients put faith and family first in their lives. Our goal is to help you sort out your financial opportunities and challenges so you can invest your time building your home, church and community.

Second, our clients think long term. Financial planning and investment management are about more than the initial diagnosis, and are not “quick fix” or “get rich quick” schemes. We want individuals and families committed to the kind of growth that comes with patience and persistence. We do not offer short term or hourly based services.

Finally, we enjoy working with the ambitious. No matter how extreme your mission or goal, we will explore every resource and option available to you, all while balancing the trade-offs and compromises along the way.

What is not considered? Your wealth, income, career or retirement status. We do not have investment or income minimums, and enjoy working with different clients on a variety of issues and needs.